4th International Safer Roads Conference Papers

Conference Programme – Monday 19 May

Conference address – Professor Fred Wegman
Keynote SpeakerMike Wilson
Technical Session – Network Management – Chris Kennedy Chairing
Martin McLaughlin – Implementing the Transport Scotland skid policy through the use of operating companies UK
Mark Stephenson – The impact of severe weather events on highway authorities in the south west of England UK
Jenelle Hartman – The choices between life & death – a case study Australia
Pamela Ball – The management and benefits of automated survey data collection NZ
Dave Cook – Improving a great skid resistance policy: New Zealand’s state highways NZ


Keynote Speaker – Professor John D. Lee
Technical Session – Safety Engineering, Design & Maintenance – Matthew Lugg Chairing
Mark Owen – The New Zealand skid resistance policy and crash rate & skid resistance trending for the different site categories NZ
Prasad Buddhavarapu – Efficiency and performance of diamond grinding in Texas USA
Mark Stephenson – A review of the use of high friction in London
Mohammad Shafi Mir – Road safety analysis: A case study of national highway 1-A in India India
Charles Catt – Development and use of a skidding strategy for a local authority UK
James Mitchell – How to allow for seasonal effects when using skid resistance data UK
Anuradha Premathilaka – Guidance for undertaking skid resistance site investigations in London UK
Mark Stephenson – Lessons from 3 reviews of how skid strategies are implemented UK


Technical Session – Safety Engineering, Education & Management – Kate Carpenter Chairing
Carey Griffiths – The New Zealand safe system in practice – a sector-wide training programme NZ
Mohd Khairul Alhapiz Ibrahim – Effect of right-turn lane on motorcyclists’ gap acceptance and hazard perception during intersection approach Malaysia
Hawa Mohamed Jamil – A case study of the prevalence and characteristics of red light runners in Malaysia Malaysia
Fergus Tate – Developing an optimised safety management philosophy reflecting the safe system in a constrained environment NZ
Geoff Collins – Average speed enforcement: share the benefit spread the cost UK
Prasad Buddhavarapu – Predicting animal-vehicle collisions for mitigation in Texas USA
Paula Wellings – Making knowledge exchange between theory and practice a reality: A practical model to enhance road casualty reduction on a decreasing budget UK


Conference Programme – Tuesday 20 May

Keynote SpeakerAndrew Miller

Technical Session – Driver Information/Skid Resistance Measurement & Safe System – Ramesh Sinhal Chairing
Mark Owen – An overview of NZ history with skid resistance on the highway network NZ
Dave Cook – Skid resistance performance of melter slag based surface dressings on Hawkes Bay rural state highways NZ
Alan Dunford – Use of reclaimed asphalt in the surface course – the effect on friction UK
Dave Whitehead – Surfacing aggregate skid resistance performance NZ
David Woodward – Use of 3D modelling techniques to better understand road surface textures UK
Arthur Dinitz – Safety hardware and materials for safer, forgiving highways USA
Andreas Ueckermann – Towards contactless skid resistance measurement Germany
Prasad Buddhavarapu – An index for safety management of road networks USA


Technical Session – The Influence of Humans, Tyres & Vehicles on Road Safety – Fergus Tate Chairing
Alexandra Luck – The human element UK
Verona Beckles – Do periodic vehicle inspection programmes improve vehicle safety? A literature review UK
Thomas Yager – Good pavement texture – good tyre friction USA
Darren Lindsey – A hard day, every day – It’s a “tyring life” UK
Tony Parry – Feasibility of using truck position data to identify accident risk UK
Alan Dunford – Use of reclaimed asphalt in the surface course – the effect on friction UK
David Woodward – The static contact patch of some friction measuring devices UK
Matthew Avery – The influence of roads on improving safety using lane support technologies UK


Conference Programme – Wednesday 21 May

Keynote SpeakerCarey Griffiths

Technical Session – Road Surface – Materials & Specification – Mark Owen Chairing
Paul Hillier – Current and future issues in skid resistance management in Australia Australia
David Woodward – Predicting the potential of local aggregate in asphalt surfacing mixes without the risk of road trials UK
Mark Stephenson – An assessment of the performance of different aggregates in delivering skid resistance UK
Peter Mortimer – Losing our grip? The challenge of maintaining safer road surfaces on southern New Zealand state highways NZ
Alan Dunford – High speed friction of thin surface course systems UK
Dougie Miller – TS 2010 a surface course designed for safety UK
Jeff Waters – Improved methodology for selecting polishing resistant aggregates for chipseals NZ


Technical Session – Maintaining safer roads in a period of austerity – Paul Hillier Chairing
Fergus Tate – Developing an optimised safety management philosophy reflecting the safe system in a constrained environment NZ
Dave Whitehead – Prioritising state highway skid resistance in New Zealand: A policy for all budgets NZ
Andy Stevenson – The development and implementation of an infrastructure asset management in Cornwall UK
Ian Cadwallader – Managing a cost-effective rolling programme using a pavement management system to deliver a safe road system in Carmarthenshire, Wales UK
Tim Heminsley – Delivering road safety in a challenging economic climate: The 3 Cs: Commissioning, Community & Culture UK
Andrew Page-Dove – Safety: Design, construction or education? Smart motorways UK


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